Tea Bone Zen Mind Cafe [Closed]

18 Feb

Tucked away in a quiet corner behind Raffles Hotel, this little cafe is excellent for an afternoon tea with your besties. It looks so plain and boring on the outside that if no one mentions or brings you there, you won’t ever think of going in.


The cafe is situation on the second floor, with a little space on the third floor selling some of its exquisite merchandises.  Once you step into the cafe, you will be greeted by the warmth from the owners who will serve you an appetiser tea (changes daily). On my visit, I was served with Jasmine Tea in a blue, long, simple yet classy tea glass.


Appetiser Tea


The cafe feels so Zen that once you step in, you mind will feel calm and troubles will just disappear. From the looks of the deco, the cafe owners are clear to translate to you their message. They want you to feel at home with it’s cosy setting, to enjoy their tea brewed with love. There are only 5 tables, 2 tables for two, 2 tables for four, and a larger one for about 6. In other words, this cafe can only entertain not more than 20 guests. All the more it make the place so zen that only the best (company) can enjoy an afternoon with you.


Centrepiece which coincides with Chinese New Year (it changes very frequently)


Darjeeling served with yummy biscotti (British India Tea) ($12)


Depending on your choice of tea, a small bite will be carefully chosen as an accompaniment. For me, the biscotti is simply perfect. Fresh almonds, light buttery chocolate, crisp and flavourful.


Another British India Tea served with a puff pastry


Cuttlefish Crisp ($10)


It is so fragrant, no stinky fishy smell. I would prefer to call it a high-class keropok. Yummy, addictive, only down side it’s expensive.



Tea Egg ($3.50) 


This is one of the more expensive tea egg I’ve ever had. You can usually find them in pasar-malam for less than $1. But trust me, the price you pay for quality is definitely worth it! This inside is similar to those eggs you find in Japanese ramen, hard-boiled on the outside, soft-boiled on the inside. This technical aspect is difficult to be perfect in, however, not only did they manage to do it, they have infused the tea flavours into the white and the yolk! Don’t be afraid of the sauce around the egg, it is not salty. It is a sweet tea mixture which goes as an excellent accompaniment. Simply love it.



Cucumber Sandwich ($10 or $12 i cant remember)


I know that there can be cucumber in sandwiches, but i’ve never heard that cucumber can be the main ingredient in sandwiches! I was a little against the idea of order a cucumber sandwich at first. I mean, how special can a combination of bread+cucumber be??! But let me tell you, nothing is served so simply in this cafe. The bread is flattened and thin cucumber slices and arranged nicely, to top it up, seaweed and roasted sesame is sprinkled all over. This is where i realise, cucumber goes perfectly well with seaweed. It just beings a simple flavour up a notch. Amazing.




Tip: Remember to give them a ring before you decide to drop by.

 Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-7pm
Address: 38A Seah Street 

Food: 4.5/5
Ambience: 4.75/5
Value: 4/5
Service: 4.75/5


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