Osia – Part II

20 Dec

Second visit to Osia on 26th March 2011. After a great first impression, i’m back to feast on the a-la carte menu.

Stonehearth Flat Bread. Black Olive Rosemary Flat Bread and Roasted Garlic Butter Flat Bread, served with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Butter and Osia Tomato Basil Dip (S$9). Great that they allowed a half-half. Bread tasted much like a pizza base with some really aromatic topping. Love the basil tomato paste as well!

Seafood Ice Experience (S$30)
(From left) Pineapple Lemongrass Ice, Blue Fin Tuna
Quandong Orange Ice, Amaebi Shrimp
Calamansi ‘Mojito’Ice, Sea Scallop
Lychee Martini Ice, Oyster
Watermelon Lillipilli Ice, Lobster
Apple Celery Ice, Tasmanian Salmon.

Woahhhh. That was a mouthful. Here, 6 test-tubes of different crushed fruit ice, topped with a piece of fresh seafood. It sounds really weird to me at first. Raw seafood and fruit ice? Never hear off, and wouldn’t be too daring to try. But the waitress kept recommending that I give it a shot and here goes. OHMYGOD.IT.IS.FANTASTIC! I can’t put the flavours into words but in short, ‘What a seafood experience!’. Definitely must try!! It’s my top pick.

Espuma of Papaya ‘Iced Brick’, Kaffir Lime Infusion, Peppered Red King Crab, Lemon Myrtle Jelly (S$29). Papaya in itself is a pretty delicate fruit and since it is being made into foam, the flavours are very much subtle. What I adore most is the piece of king crab sitting at the top. Flavour wise, five out of five. The presentation of the dish is absolutely beautiful, but i’m not too sure if paying $29 for a slice of king crab would be justifiable.

Tasmanian Milk Fed Lamb Shortloin and Shank, Apricot Jam, Puffed Wild Rice, Butternut Hazelnut Purée, Garlic Jus (S$58).

Love this dish as much as the Seafood Experience. I’m a lamb lover and tell you what, this is top quality stuff. The shortloin was perfectly cooked with a pink centre. Just look at the picture and i’m sure you’re salivating. Bite into it and you’ll get the best of the fresh juicy piece of meat. The shank was another highlight. I can taste the softness of the meat which comes from hours and hours of cooking. This is quality food. The only downside, i’m not too sure if the price justifies the quantity.

Long Island Duck Breast, Duck Leg Confit ‘Radish Mantle’, Buckwheat Lentil Quinoa Ragout, Carrot Orange Tomato, Foie Gras Glace (S$42). Just look at the slice of duck breast. This is definitely a huge animal. The common impression of a huge animal is the toughness of the meat. But guess what, I was totally blown away by how soft and tender this was. The fireworks of this dish was the foie gras glace. Perfect complement to the meat.

Atlantic Cod, Potato Mushroom Bar, Bacon Butter Spume, Lemon Confit, Warm Spiced Citrus Vinaigrette (S$44). Presentation wise, this might not be as pretty as the previous few dishes. But taste wise, this is freshness from the ocean.

Grilled Yorkshire Grain Fed Pork Chip 300gram, Seasonal Vegetables, Homemade Chutneys and Pickles (S$50). In my view, this is probably the most disappointed dish of the night. It was a huge cut of meat but it was dry and boring. Compare the presentation of this with the previous dishes. How can I have must appetite to continue when my expectations were set so high. On top of that, $50 for this slice of meat in a grill? Geee….

I need to add that had initially ordered a bowl of black mussels but as I wasn’t told that it was sold out, I had to ordered another dish (the papaya ice). When the bill came, they actually waived it off. Great service and recovery.

To mark the end of my 2-part Osia journey, I was very impressed by some of the beautiful seafood dishes. But if you are expecting to come out of the restaurant with a full tummy, you will need to set of budget of a minimum of $100 per person.

Operating Hours:
Lunch: 12:00pm – 3:00pm (Daily)
Dinner: 6:00pm – 10:00pm (Sun – Wed, Last order at 9:45pm)
Dinner: 6:00pm – 10:30pm (Thur – Sat, Last order at 10:00pm)
Dress Code: Smart Casual

02-140/141 Crockfords Tower (FestiveWalk)
8 Sentosa Gateway
Tel: +65 6577 8899

Food: 4.5/5
Ambience: 4.5/5
Value: 3.75/5
Service: 4.75/5


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