Fish & Co @ The Glass House

3 Feb

This is a landmark Fish & Co outlet, very different from any other outlets. Needless to say, location and ambience was great. Dropped by earlier today for dinner with a couple of friends. As we didn’t make a reservation, we were a little afraid that we would have to queue up on a Friday evening. But when we arrived at about 6.45pm, the tables were only half filled! My last visit to this outlet was about 4 years ago and my last visit to another Fish & co outlet was about a year ago. First observation was the new menu!

All of us ordered a different version of Fish n Chips and a ‘set meal’. It was an extra $5.50 for a soup of the day (fish chowder) and a drink. I’ll begin with the chowder. It was pretty decent and I quite like it actually! Creamy, sweet and fragrant. No stinky put off fishy smell at all. It would have been prefect if they gave a little slice of garlic bread along with it.

Then came our main course. 4 of our fish arrived at the same time but we had to wait for another 7 minutes before their so called The Best Fish n Chips arrived. I have no idea why this was so but it wasn’t acceptable to me simply because everyone of us order a Fish n Chips and no special variations (eg prawns or pizza or rice).

Now for the main course, my Arctic Fish ($15.95) was a total disappointment. I believe it is similar to The Best Fish n Chips except that a different fish is being used. Pollock fish for my Arctic Fish n Chips. The fish itself was pretty tasteless and dry. Dry fish in a fish n chips is an absolute big no no. But I was happy that the batter was good, thick and crisp which is beautifully cooked through and no floury taste. The chips was one of my favourite as well, perfectly fried and sprinkled with herbs and a bit of chilli powder. Sadly, their acclaimed signature lemon butter sauce was really little and I couldn’t get much out of it. One thing I must mention is the portion size. Definitely big enough!!

Lastly, service. This is another let-down. When the first 4 Fish n Chips arrived, one of the waitress asked if we wanted chilli sauce. This was a great initiative. We said we each wanted one. But somehow the sauce didn’t arrive after 5mins. We asked another waitress if we could have chilli sauce again, but somehow, it didn’t arrive again even after another 10mins. We wanted to ask a third time but realised that we were already 70% done with our plates and it would have been pointless.

Well as a conclusion, ambience was definitely great because a live band was playing inside while we were having our meal. But being a Fish restaurant, i’m not happy to be served with dry and tasteless fish. Batter and chips was great but I don’t think they are the focus of the meal. Service was disappointing as well. Guess I probably wouldn’t be back again anytime soon.


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