Wines of the World

24 Apr


Sorry for going MIA for the past 2 months. Made my way back to Melbourne and had been really busy with school since then. I will try my best to constantly keep this page updated with more amazing foodsteps and photos that make you salivate. I promise several (short) post over the next couple of weeks! Have been out eating some incredibly captivating dishes.

For a start, I’m going to introduce everyone to the amazing world of wine. Having just completed my second wine subject in uni, i’ve had great exposure to ancient wine history, wine making and wine tasting. During the first intense 5-day course, we learnt a great deal on the basics of wine, and got a chance to taste and make notes on 50 bottles of wine. The second intense 5-day course was focused more on the history and culture of wine, and tasting and making notes on another 45 bottles of wine. It just fascinates me how a simple concept can be so elegant. Back in Singapore, alcohol consumption is still pretty low on a daily basis. Out of that, beer consumption is probably the highest. Wine generally gives people a misconception that it taste weird and often too expensive to be consumed on a regular basis. In Australia, you can easily get a bottle of wine at A$5, but it is crap to me. A decent drinkable bottle would cost between A$15-25. Comparing it to a same bottle sold in Singapore, retailers are selling them for around S$25-$35. In fact, it is not too much more expensive having consider the exchange rate and the minimal profit the retailers have to make.

I have this secret dream/wish that I want to make wine drinking a popular culture in Singapore. Not sure how it can be done, but i’m sure it’s not impossible. The only way to learn, is to taste. I’m no expert in wine as compared to some of the local Australians, but I do have some decent exposure and hope to share some of my thoughts with our fellow Singaporeans.

For today, I am going to introduce a bottle of Champagne which dazzled me during one of the recent Champagne tastings. We had 7 bottles of sparkling wine, 1 Cava and 6 Champagne. This bottle stood out amongst the rest.

Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve

First impression in the glass is mesmerising. It portrays a beautiful yellow, almost gold appearance with tiny elegant bubbles rising. On the nose, it gives off an attractive scent of apples. Besides that, some pear, peach and slight floral notes were later detected. On the front palate, a slightly higher amount of malic acid can be detected, as indicated by the taste of apples. On the middle palate, it is fresh and fruity. Compared to other Champagnes, this has less bouquet as indicated by the very slight toastiness which could be an indication of the use of more pinot noir than chardonnay. The finish is remarkably elegant and long lasting.

You can have it with a meal. I would recommend pairing with some fresh light seafood. The food cannot be too complex so as not to steal the show from the star. However, I would prefer to have it on it’s own. Great fruity refreshing drink, beautiful start to any formal events, or even a summer afternoon drink! It is retailing at around A$67 in the local stores. Try it if you havent! You will be amazed.

More restaurant reviews and wine reviews will be coming up soon!


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